Sports Education


English B2 level or IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 5.50


240 credits (ECTS)


September 1st

Study type:



4 years

Annual tuition fee:

1,269 EUR/2000 EUR


Diploma (certificate) of Secondary Education

Qualification to be conferred:

Bachelor of Business Management







The aim of this programme is to develop university-level business and socially responsible managers, (field of tourism and sports) who are able to work, organise and develop business, community and government organizations. The teaching process is based on international level fundamental and applied interdisciplinary scientific and technological achievements.



Academic Communication and Standard Lithuanian Language/ Sports History and Sociology/ Economics/ Leadership/ Basics of Finance/ Management Systems I/ Basics of Law/ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management/ Management Systems II/ Business Modelling and Analytics/ Sports Market Management/ Sports Marketing and Communication/ Management of Sports Organizations/ Organization and Management of Sporting Events/ Internship/ E-Market for Sports/ Research Methodology/ International Sports Market/ Final Degree Project.



Apply leadership principles in practice/ Generate new ideas and use critical thinking/ Be able to work in a team as well as organise teamwork/ Be able to communicate to mass media and other potential partners using modern communication technology/ Put ideas into practice by using the accumulated modern knowledge and practices/ Be ready to prepare and initiate projects and events - local, regional and international - in the field of sports/ Be able to distribute resources and finances and use the total quality management principles/ Be able to apply innovations in the field of business development/ Be able to use monitoring performance as well as analyse the selected data for the improvement of practical activity/ Be able to perform the market research based on modern research methods.



After graduating from this study programme, you will be able to build your own business or represent athletes, work as an executive, manager or administrator in national/ foreign sports organizations (associations, federations, clubs). Moreover, you will have access to the second cycle studies in Tourism and Sports Management as well as in other areas of Social Sciences.


Contacts for Admission:

International Relations Office


Lithuanian Sports University

Address: Sporto Str. 6

LT-44221 Kaunas


Tel.: +370 37 302 644 / +370 37 302 639 / +370 6266 1965

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