Beijing Sport University and Lithuanian Sports University are maintaining close cooperation

   Cooperation between Beijing Sport University (China) and Lithuanian Sports University is not just a formality. Representatives of both universities discussed specific cooperation possibilities during the meeting at Lithuanian Sports University. One of the topics talked over was the training of basketball coaches, as LSU has a long-standing tradition that can be shared. The guests were presented the idea of organizing courses of various duration for future basketball coaches, conducting joint research and developing study modules.

   “During this visit, we want to discuss the ways of cooperation. First of all, we would like to take over your experience in training basketball professionals. We have recently established the Basketball Institute of China. We also want to discuss the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + student exchange programme for partnerships outside the European Union. In addition, it is very important for us to collaborate in joint research. International cooperation is our priority for the coming five years”, said the Head of International Relations Office of Beijing Sport University Prof. Dr. Hua Yongmin.

   Beijing Sport University was founded in 1952. During more than 60 years, this university has become a leader in the field of sport in Chinese higher education. The University strives for active international cooperation with the European and world higher education institutions; it has signed co-operation agreements with 76 universities and sports organizations from 34 countries.

   “The government of China pays a lot of attention to Beijing Sport University. We train elite athletes, we have also established different sports institutes, conduct research in the field of sport, and have many students from foreign countries studying at our university. We want our contribution to sport science and education to be appreciated in China as well as abroad”, said Prof. Dr. H. Yongmin.

   Beijing Sports University has one of the best double events and boxing study programmes and it is willing to invite LSU teaching staff members to take part in internship programmes, conduct joint research, develop joint modules, exchange sports teachers and strengthen cooperation in this field. LSU doctoral students were offered to use modern equipment at the Research Centre and conduct joint research.