LSU received an award during the meeting of institutional coordinators of Erasmus+ programme

  Education Exchange Support Foundation organized a meeting of Erasmus+ institutional coordinators, where Erasmus story of 30 years was discussed. Since the introduction of Erasmus programme in Lithuania 19 years ago, over 40,000 students and 18,000 lecturers have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the programme. Lithuania is the only European country with national funding for the programme.

   We can be pleased that LSU Assoc. Prof. Dr. Birutė Statkevičienė became a face of Erasmus of 2017 in Lithuania. She was selected by the European Commission from all the applicants from Lithuanian universities who participated in the competition. Education Exchange Support Foundation awarded Lithuanian Sports University for long-term, professional and close co-operation in implementing the programme on the occasion of Erasmus + 30th anniversary. The Head of the International Relations Office Irena Čikotienė and specialist Tomas Kukenys were distinguished for their personal contribution to promoting student and teacher mobility, experience, thoroughness and professionalism in implementing the programme.

   The reports reviewed the activities of Erasmus + programme; participants had  the opportunity to discuss and participate in working groups. During the meeting, the history of Erasmus programme in Lithuania, innovations and opportunities for the wider use of the state scholarship programme, scholarships for foreign students, and other activities that promote student and teacher mobility were discussed.