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Seminaras „PhysAgeNet. From narrative to systematic living review“

1 birželio | 08:00 11:45

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Seminaras vyks Trakuose ir nuotoliniu būdu.
Are you interested in literature reviews? Do you want to understand the difference between different types of reviews, e.g. systematic, scoping, narrative etc.? Are you looking for practical training for tools used for systematic reviews? We cordially invite you to the 1st Hybrid Training School of our COST Association – European Cooperation in Science and Technology Action #PhysAgeNet Evidence-based physical activity in old age – a training school Title: From narrative to systematic living review.
Kada: gegužės 30, 31, birželio 1 dienomis.
Kur: Trakai, „TonyResort“.
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Lektoriai: prof. Bettina Wollesen, prof. Giorgos Sakkas, prof. Rafał Stemplewski, prof. Michel Audiffren, dr. Hannes Baumann, 
mag. Claire Iannuzzi, prof. Nicole Skoetz, dr. Ioanna Zorba (Zormpa), prof. Suzanne Jak.

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