PhD in Natural Sciences: Biology

Biologijos doktorantūra

PhD studies in the area of Biology at LSU started in 1993. In the period of 1993 – 2020, 88 doctors of science were trained. In 2011, joint Doctoral Studies in Biology at Lithuanian Sports University, with the participation of the University of Tartu (Estonia) were launched. Doctoral Studies in Biology at Lithuanian Sports University, with the participation of the University of Tartu (Estonia)  consolidated research in the area of Biology, and they ensure more integrated and substantial investigations of scientific problems in biology.

Research of doctoral students in Biological Sciences involves many branches of biology: Physiology / Biomechanics / Bioinformatics / Histology / Genetics / Animal anatomy and morphology / Animal physiology / Endocrinology / Immunology / General pathology / Gerontology / Biochemistry / Neurology / Anatomy / morphology / Epidemiology / Molecular biophysics.

The duration of doctoral studies is 4 years.

Admission Procedure

Admission to Doctoral Studies in Biology Field of Lithuanian Sports University, with the Participation of the University of Tartu (Estonia).

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No. Supervisor Dissertation topic
1. Prof. dr. Tomas Venckūnas Effect of post-exercise cooling and post-exercise heating on muscle recovery and training adaptations in response to mechanically and metabolically demanding exercises*
2. Prof. dr. Oron Levin Blood flow restriction training (BFRT) as a means to improve brain and muscle functions after long period of immobilization**
3. Doc. dr. Daniele Conte Assessing and developing decision-making skills in basketball using virtual reality**
4. Prof. habil. dr. Jonas Poderys Dynamics of body functions during the competitive activities of high-skilled sailors**
5. Doc. dr. Eugenijus Trinkūnas Adaptation of Differential Training Method Applied in Training of Young Athletes**
6. Prof. habil. dr. Vytautas Streckis The effect of High Intensity Interval Training on skeletal muscle strength and intraocular pressure variation during weightlifting**
7. Prof. dr. Sigitas Kamandulis The Effect of Acute and Chronic Physical load on Tendon Morphology and Intratendinous air Phenomenon**

* State funded
** non-funded study

Call for doctoral dissertation topics and doctoral supervisors in the field of Biology 2020

Dissertation Topics 2019

Chairman – prof. dr. Sigitas Kamandulis (LSU)


  • prof. dr.  Arvydas Stasiulis (LSU)
  • prof. dr. Aivaras Ratkevičius (LSU)
  • prof. dr. Vytautas Streckis (LSU)
  • prof. habil. dr. Jonas  Poderys (LSU)
  • doc. dr.  Dalia Mickevičienė (LSU)
  • doc. dr. Nerijus Masiulis (LSU)
  • doc. dr. Marius Brazaitis (LSU)
  • doc. dr. Tomas Venckūnas (LSU)
  • prof. dr. Mati Pääsuke (TU)
  • prof. dr. Jaak Jürimäe (TU)
  • doc. dr. Priit Kaasik (TU)
  • doc. dr. Jarek Mäestu (TU)
  • prof. dr. Ööpik Vahur  (TU)


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