Health Care & Insurance

Health Care

At LSU, a first aid nurse may be consulted during working hours in case of sudden health problems or minor pains. Contact the International Relations Office, Studies Department, or your tutor in case of an illness and we will take you to the nurse.

In cases of accident or emergency, the First Aid Unit (Skubios pagalbos skyrius) at Kaunas University Hospital provides first aid to the foreigners. Emergency telephone number is 112.


Health Insurance

EU/EEA citizens:

Students from EU and EEA countries are required to have European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC holders can receive the same medical care as Lithuanian citizens, which is provided by general practitioners or specialists and hospital treatment in institutions that have an agreement with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund, and subsidised medicines prescribed for out-patient treatment.

*Private insurance for acute illnesses and accidents is highly recommended.

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Non-EU/EEA citizens:

Students from non-EU countries must apply for a private health insurance valid in Lithuania either in their home country or in Lithuania.

Health insurance must conform to such requirements:

  • The insurance must guarantee the payment of emergency medical care services, as they are defined in the Law of Health Care System of the Republic of Lithuania, and expenses that could emerge due to the alien’s return to the foreign country for health-related reasons (transportation, including, the accompanying of health care specialist(s)); and
  • The insurance must be valid for the whole duration of the requested temporary residence permit or for at least one year.

Reliable Insurance companies in Lithuania: