Lithuanian Sports University is an open European university, constantly creating and providing study programmes for all three cycles as well as continuous education programmes based on the latest research and technologies.Organization and administration of scientific activities, research planning, execution and reporting are determined by the Regulations of Scientific Activities of Lithuanian Sports University.

Researchers at the University are famous for high achievements in sports science and research not only in Lithuania but also abroad. Their articles are published in prestigious scientific journals, and they are read and appreciated by the elite in the world sports science. Researchers and teachers actively participate in national and international scientific conferences. University itself organizes scientific seminars, symposia and scientific conferences.

Doctoral studies are offered in social sciences studies in education and biomedical sciences. Young scientists get involved in a variety of scientific activities which enable them to not only deepen the theoretical and methodological knowledge in specific areas of science, but also to carry out research of international significance, to participate in international projects and internships abroad.

Office of Doctoral Studies and Research

Lithuanian Sports University
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