About Sports and Leisure Centre

The aim of the Sports and Leisure Centre is to promote the unified development of sport at the same time ensuring the prestige of the University, health-related student physical activity and students’ self-expression. LSU Sports and Leisure Centre coordinates sports and wellness activities at the University.

The Centre organizes sporting and leisure events for students, announces student scores and results, collaborates with elite athletes and their coaches to solve their problems and celebrate the achievements. The Sports and Leisure Centre provides students with the opportunity to participate in national championships and competitions, SELL Student Games as well as “Sport for All” events. The Centre also looks for financial support for athletes, cooperates with social partners, national and international sports organizations.

Lithuanian Sports University cultivates almost all sports that are included in the Olympic Games. Students can engage in basketball, football, handball, volleyball, rugby, athletics, swimming, aerobics, judo, boxing, Greek-Roman wrestling, cycling, sailing or orienteering activities.

LSU students can also have active leisure, as there is free access to the swimming pool and fitness room, they can join the national dance ensemble “Rasa” or enjoy the elections for the most active student group at the University.


You are welcome to use LSU sports facilities (check the working hours in the timetable below) from September 20.

 Be sure to have a health certificate. With the certificate, you can register and use the selected sports facilities at the time indicated in the timetable. The registration will be carried out by the teaching staff members.

Timetable for using sports facilities in free time

* It is possible to exercise in the gym, if there is no practical studies at that time.

Services / Weekdays I II III IV V Coach / responsible person
Swimming pool 15:00-16:00 15:00-16:00 15:00-16:00 15:00-16:00 15:00-16:00 Birutė Statkevičienė
Fitness Gym (III R.113 ) 13:00-17:30 13:00-17:30 13:00-17:30 13:00-17:30 13:00-17:30 V.Kazakevičius/A.Šangianas