Publishing is an integral part of the activities of the Lithuanian Sports University (hereinafter referred to as University), contributing to the dissemination of studies, scientific activities, and research results.

The University publishes scientific and study publications: monographs, scientific studies, peer-reviewed collections of scientific articles and conference publications, textbooks, study books, methodological tools, scientific journals, occasional publications, informational publications, and others.

The University is a member of the Lithuanian Academic Publishers Association (Lit. LALA) and the Association of Lithuanian Serials (Lit. LMPA). The University participates in the international Vilnius Book Fair with other LALA members. Membership in the LMPA entitles you to use Crossref’s services, such as registering a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), and using the text-matching service.

The University’s publishing process is governed by the Regulations of the Publishing Committee (approved by Order of the Rector, No. ISAK 26/B of February 14, 2023) and the Regulations of the Publishing Process (approved by the LSU Senate, Prot. No. 4 of February 23, 2023.

The University’s publications are published in print and/or electronic format, depending on the type, purpose, and need of the publication.


The University’s publishing process is organised and carried out by the Publishing Committee and the Library. The publishing procedures for scientific publications with editorial boards are coordinated with their editorial boards.

All publications of the University published under the prefix Lithuanian Sports University, with the exception of information publications, must be peer-reviewed and evaluated. The author of a publication that has been positively reviewed and approved for publication shall submit the final manuscript to the Head of Library and enter into a Publishing Agreement with the University.

The authors are solely responsible for the preparation of their manuscript and illustrations in accordance with the requirements set out in the Publishing Regulations.

The plagiarism detection software iThenticate is used to examine the manuscripts.

LSU publications use the APA7 (American Psychological Association 7th edition) citation style.

The language of the University’s publications shall comply with the requirements of The State Commission of the Lithuanian Language, and the design of the interior and cover of the publication shall comply with the University’s style guidelines (Branding).

Pre-publication, the manuscripts are edited, and the layout for printing is finalised. The Republic of Lithuania Law on Public Procurement governs how publishing and printing services are arranged in Lithuanian Printing Houses.


An electronic publication that has passed through the mandatory stages of publishing (planning, development, evaluation, approval, registration of ISSNs, ISBNs, DOIs) is equivalent to a printed publication.

University’s electronic research and study publications are hosted on the LSU e-Repository.

An electronic publication prepared but not published is not counted as a result of scientific-methodological activity.


The University publishes electronic peer-reviewed scientific journals Baltic Journal of Sport & Health Sciences, Reabilitacijos mokslai: slauga, kineziterapija, ergoterapija, and Laisvalaikio tyrimai.

The editorial boards of the scientific journals make decisions about their work procedures, peer review and submission of scientific articles, ethics, and the preparation of the next issue. The editorial boards of the University’s journals support the principles of ethical publishing and follow the guidelines published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The University’s scientific journals are published on the LSU e-Journals Repository, using the Open Access model. The journals are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) licence.

Scientific journals are registered in international databases (DOAJ, EBSCO, Index Copernicus, Scopus, etc.), and all published articles are assigned a permanent DOI number.

Innovations and advanced technologies used in the publishing process, which are important for science communication, ensure a high level of dissemination of information and increase the visibility of journals in the international arena.

Authors may archive the final version of their articles published in the University’s scientific journals in personal, institutional, or other repositories without an embargo period.


The University’s scientific journals are published on the LSU e-Journals Repository.

The University’s electronic research and study publications are hosted on the LSU e-Repository.

The publications published in paper format are distributed in the LSU Library.

University’s publications (since 2001)


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