How the admission procedure goes and what documents I need?

  1. The admission is currently open and it will be active until June 30th. The application for studies is done online, you can find the application form and necessary information for admission in the provided link: https://www.lsu.lt/en/admission/admission-degree-students/general-admission-requirements/ There you will find the list of required documents, application fees, and other important information. In the application form, applicants must submit: proof of admission fee (a simple screenshot of the transaction or receipt works just fine), however, it is very important to note that if someone, for example, your parents, pay for your admission fee, in the prooving document it should be stated who is paying for who. Further required documentation is a passport for non-European citizens and an ID card for European citizens, a passport-sized photo, copies of educational documents according to your chosen program, CV, general health certificate, which can be obtained at any local clinic, and lastly proof of English, which at the beginning of your studies should be B2. Applicants from English-speaking countries or those, who have qualifications in English language studies do not need to submit proof of English.
  2. After you will submit your documents, your application will be either accepted or rejected. If it will be rejected, you will receive a letter, stating the documentation that is missing and you can edit your application and submit it again with no additional fees. When your application will be accepted, at this point you don’t need to do anything, but wait for the recognition of your submitted educational documents. We will get back to you.
  3. When you will receive recognition, the next step is the motivational interview, which is held online. You will be appointed the date and time and it will be a brief conversation, which will allow us to get to know you more. The motivational interview is accounted for in your admission score.

Lastly, after the motivational interview, if everything is alright, applicants pay for the tuition fee of one year and they are fully accepted from here you can start your visa-issuance process. Visa issuance info: https://www.migracija.lt/mokslas

How the curriculum for each program looks like?

You can find list of modules for each study programme in our website.

Can international students get scholarship?

You can find information about scholarships here.

What accommodation facilities you have?

We have two dormitories, so accommodation is limited here and cost for one semester is 600 Euro.

Can international students work part-time in Lithuania?

Yes, you can and some students also take individual plans, so their schedule could be more flexible.

Fees and payments?

  • All applicants from non-EU and EEA countries have to pay a non-refundable application fee of 180 EUR.
  • All applicants from EU countries have to pay a non-refundable application fee of 45 EUR.
  • All applicants from EU countries who apply for Master’s degree studies have to pay a non-refundable application fee of 15 EUR.
  • First-year students must pay the full tuition fee for one course before applying for a visa. If you won’t receive a visa before the beginning of the semester, you can request to receive a full refund of your tuition fee that you paid.
  • From the second year, students pay for a semester and they can also request to pay in installments.

What are my career opportunities after studies?

Career opportunities for international students are the same as for Lithuanians, however, most of the time companies look for Lithuanian speaking employees. We also have Lithuanian language courses for international students for those who would want to study Lithuanian language.

Does university have any connections with local employers?

We have many connections with local employers, such as clinics, gyms, other sport schools, rehabilitations and the list goes on.

Does the university provide internship/professional experience after/during the master programs?

It depends on the study program, but internships usually are in Bachelor studies. Erasmus exchange is available for every student if you meet the criteria.

Is there any specified requirement for sports performance analysis?

The most important requirements are to have BA in biomedicine, social sports, IT, or engineering field studies.

What to do if I have not sufficient level in English language?

English language proficiency for degree students at the beginning of their studies should be B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or equivalent IELTS (5.0), or TOEFL (72).

Applicants, who have qualifications in English studies or those who are from English-speaking countries do not need proof of English.

How to check that I am eligible for the program?

There are several ways to check your eligibility, but keep in mind that after submitting your applications, you might still encounter some issues, for instance, you might not receive the recognition. You can either go to our website and check the minimum required qualification for the study programme. You can also write to admission email and I will consult you.

Are international physiotherapy students eligible for exchange internships throughout Europe?

Yes. All of our students can apply to the Erasmus exchange. It should be adjusted with International Relationship Office. If you meet the requirements, you will get accepted, and receive a grant.

How classes are held?

Classes are held face-to-face.

Do university guide for visa process?

The Studies Department issues mediation letter number and other required documentation for VISA/TRP.

Do students get paid internships during their studies?

No, but internships are paid if you do them under Erasmus in other countries.

When masters classes are held?

Usually in the afternoon.

How many international students approximately apply for a Master Degree in LSU every year?

Each year we have around 100-200 students who apply, but not all meet the admission criteria.

What would you say that makes LSU different from other Sport Universities?

We are not different; we are the only one university and leading the way in the Baltic Sea region.

If I am not granted for VISA, will I receive fees I paid back?

If a student does not receive VISA, he/she can submit request to receive full tuition fee refund, but only if students request for a refund before the beginning of semester. Admission fee is not refundable.

Is there any possibility to get on campus job during masters?

Many students have part-time jobs, but certain level of Lithuanian language is required.

Is there any chance we can communicate with students who attend master degrees in LSU so they can tell us their opinion?

There are videos in our website or your could try to connect with them via LinkedIn. We cannot share their contact details due to GDPR.

What study cycles LSU offers?

LSU offers study programs in all 3 study cycles. 4 programs in Bachelor’s degree, 7 programs in Master’s degree, and 2 in Ph.D. Find more about studies here.

How much does studies costs?

The annual tuition cost is listed in the description box for each study program. Find more about prices here: https://www.lsu.lt/en/admission/admission-degree-students/tuition-fees/

What are the general admission requirements?

Foreign citizens can be admitted to the Lithuanian Sports University programs taught in English if they present a legalized secondary, high school, college or university graduation certificate/diploma. Educational documents must be officially translated into English. Find all steps and required documents here: https://www.lsu.lt/en/admission/admission-degree-students/general-admission-requirements/

What are the requirements for Visa and Residence Permit?

The citizens of 78 recognized countries do not require a visa to enter the country. Some students might require a visa for single or multiple entries as well as a temporary Residence permit. Find more about visa and residence permits: https://www.lsu.lt/en/studies/practical-information/visa-residence-permit/

What research areas LSU scientists are working in?

LSU scientists works on 5 research areas: Modern Technology in Basketball Training; Muscles, Motor Control and Health Promotion; Management and Economics of Sport and Leisure; Methodology of Sports and Exercise Training and Physical Education and Well-Being. Find more about our research: https://www.lsu.lt/en/research/

What are opportunities of the mobility?

The International Relations Office (IRO) offers support with the aim to create opportunities for local students to get a taste of Europe and for international students to experience the student life in Lithuania.

How can I apply for Erasmus exchange in LSU?

You can apply to the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) as an exchange student for one or two semesters if your home institution is a partner of LSU. Find all steps and other relevant information here: https://www.lsu.lt/en/studies/exchange-students/