Application For Exchange Students


step by step
You can apply to the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) as an exchange student for one or two semesters if your home institution is a partner of LSU. You should first apply through your home university to be nominated to Erasmus, NordPlus or bilateral exchange. Students from the Partner University are advised to contact the coordinator at their home institution to check if they meet all requirements for participation in the exchange programme.

The student’s home institution should send to the Lithuanian Sports University the nomination letter containing the following information:
student’s name and surname
email address
field and level of study
planned duration of study period (semester, full academic year)

1 STEP: preparing your study plan

Discuss with your Departmental coordinator the course that you have to complete at LSU. You can check the list of available courses in English at our website. All study proposals must be filled in an official Learning Agreement form.


Learning Agreements which are not signed and stamped by the coordinators from your home university and by student will not be accepted.

We strongly encourage to use the Online Learning Agreement (OLA).

2 STEP: application forms

After nomination, student should fill in and send the following documents:

1. Learning Agreement

The following mandatory documents must be attached to the application form:

2. A valid copy of Identity card or Passport;
3. A passport size photo
4. Certificate of good health.


Identity card or Passport period of validity must be at least three months longer than the date of departure or the period of validity of a visa requested to be issued.

3 STEP: sending the application

The complete application with all supporting documents must be sent before established deadline by email

The application deadlines:

The Autumn Semester
EU Students: 15th May
Non-EU Students: 1st May

The Spring Semester
EU students: 15th November
Non-EU students: 1st November

4 STEP: acceptance

You will be informed about the acceptance of your application only after we receive the documents as explained above and not earlier than the deadline ends.

For Contacts:
Ms Justė Knatauskaitė
Student Mobility Coordinator
Tel.: +370 690 09923