Residence Permit Guide

All international students require a certain type of migration document (National D Visa, Schengen Visa, Temporary Residence Permit, or Temporary Residence Certificate). Degree students, after being accepted to study at LSU, must apply either for Temporary Residence Permit (non-EU citizens) or Temporary Residence Certificate (EU/EEA citizens).

EU/EEA Degree Students

Non-EU/EEA Degree Students

  • For entrance, a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) is required (or Schengen Visa if VFS has no close appointments for TRP). Non-EU/EEA citizens must apply for TRP via Migris system, submit biometric data at a chosen external VFS Global office, and declare his/her accommodation. More information about the procedure:
  • TRP application form:
  • Consent of declaration can be issued by the University if a student stays in the University housing.
  • Mediation letter number is issued by the University after acceptance and annual tuition fee payment.
  • While applying, a student must submit a criminal record, which must be approved by the Apostille or have a double legalization (in case of double legalization, please reach out the University).
  • VFS Global website:

NOTE: Residency Permits are not issued for Russian and Belarus citizens.