Physical Education and Well-Being

Head Prof. Dr. Saulius Šukys

The main objective of the strategic research area is to analyse the benefit of physical education for the well-being of the society based on the latest sport science knowledge and research methods of international level. The research will be carried out by four researcher teams. Cultivation of emotional competence, social responsibility and academic skills through sport, moral education, as well as psychological and mental well-being of athletes will be explored. In the light of recent ethical problems that have become particularly evident in modern sports (in particular the cases of doping), the issues of fraud in sport will be also addressed. As the indicators of physical activity and physical fitness of pupils are not improving, the interface between them and socio-demographic and interpersonal factors will be examined. The role of social context and in particular social resources available to a person (social capital) are emphasized when examining health-related behaviour and its changes. Therefore, the significance of social capital for physical and emotional well-being and health-related behaviour will be explored. Recent studies reveal the links between internal motivation and more frequent exercise, better psychosocial well-being, and a more positive body image. Attention is also drawn to the expression of eudaimonia in the process of motivation; therefore, the changes in motivation for exercise, links between internal motivation and eudaimonia and a more positive image of the body and healthier lifestyle will be investigated.


  • Education through Sport

(Prof. Dr. Romualdas Malinauskas)

Romualdas Malinauskas Prof. Dr.
Audronė Dumčienė Prof. Dr.
Vilija Malinauskienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Tomas Saulius Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Šarūnas Šniras Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Dalius Juodsnukis PhD student
Audrius Armas PhD student
Eglė Ramanauskaitė Master degree student
Audrius Kalvaitis Master degree student
  • Sport Ethics

(Prof. Dr. Saulius Šukys, H – 2)

Saulius Šukys Prof. Dr.
Daiva Majauskienė Dr., Lecturer
Diana Karanauskienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Ilona Tilindienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Enrika Kromerova PhD student
  • Physical Education

(Prof. Dr. Arūnas Emeljanovas, H – 3)

Arūnas Emeljanovas Prof. Dr.
Vida Janina Česnaitienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Brigita Miežienė Dr., Lecturer
Vitalija Putriūtė PhD student
Laura Tumynaitė PhD student
  • Motivation for Physical Activity

(Prof. Dr. Rasa Jankauskienė)

R. Jankauskienė Prof. Dr.
M. Bacevičienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
V. Indriūnienė Dr., Lecturer
I. Tilindienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
R. Rutkauskaitė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
S. Pajaujienė Dr., Lecturer
V. Balčūnienė PhD student
Ž. Gadliauskaitė PhD student
Danielius Urbonavičius Master degree student