General Admission Requirements


General Admission Requirements for Degree Students

Foreign nationals can be admitted into the English taught programmes of the Lithuanian Sports University if they provide the legalized secondary school, high school or college certificate or diploma. Transcripts must be officially translated into English.
The recommended English language skills for degree students at the start of their study period are B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or corresponding IELTS (6.0), or TOEFL (5.5)*.

Legalization of Educational Documents

Applicants, who received their education in countries-members from the Hague 1961 Convention (e.g. Israel, Italy, India, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Venezuela, etc.) should have an attached Apostille to their educational documents (in most countries the Apostille is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Education.)
The education documents of applicants who received their education in any other country (Lebanon, Jordan, Philippines, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, etc.) should be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the diplomatic mission or consular post of the country where education was received.

Documents to be attached when applying on line

1. Copy of the passport (for non EU citizens) or ID card (only for EU and EEA citizens);
2. One recent passport size photo (3x4cm.);
3. Copies of the documents of previous education and its supplements (Transcripts of Records/Mark Sheets) in original language and translated into English (a secondary school certificate, university diploma, etc.) certified by Notary and approved by an Apostille (for citizens of countries acceding to 1961 Hague Convention);
4. Recognition document of foreign qualifications issued by the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (Lietuvos studijų kokybės vertinimo centras – SKVC)**;
5. CV (Resume);
6. Complete Health Certificate translated in English;
7. The copy of the certificate that shows the proficiency level B2 in the English language, or corresponding IELTS 6.0, or TOEFL 5.50 certificates;*
8. Application Form for Accommodation
9. Copy of the proof of payment of the application fee (non-refundable).

*It is not applicable for the applicants whose education is acquired in English or native language is English.
** After you have successfully submitted the application with all attached documents you will receive LSU confirmation with a following step for SKVC.


  • Admission Board can invite applicant for the interview on Skype, before taking final decision on admission. 
  • Admission Board takes the final decision no later than July 31 on admission and informs the applicant by the Complete Acceptance letter AND sends the mediation letter to the relevant Embassy (Consulate);
  • By submitting the documents applicant agrees for one’s information to be shared with other institutions that the University might refer while processing the academic verification.


1. An applicant applies for Lithuanian D visa and residence permit at the nearest Lithuanian Embassy or Consulate. In case a student does not receive a visa, tuition fee is refunded, excluding bank transfer payment;
2. Students from non EU countries applying for visa have to prove the fact of having a valid health insurance. More on health insurance is at .
3. In order to apply for the residence permit, a student must obtain a document from his country about his/hers criminal record which must be translated  into Lithuanian language, also legalised and (or) approved with an Apostille, when necessary.


1.  Welcome to Lithuanian Sports University before the 7th of September for Bachelor studies and Master studies.
2. Sign the study agreement within the first 3 calendar days.

For holders of foreign qualifications seeking for state funded study places:
* SKVC is a national public agency that evaluates and recognizes foreign school-leaving certificates (for applicants to undergraduate studies) and higher education qualifications (for applicants to graduate studies). More details on SKVC application

Lithuanian State Scholarship:

Application registration deadlines for Bachelor and Master programs for EU, non EU, and EEA citizens:

From 2nd November, 2019.
Till 30th  June, 2020.


Application registration deadlines for Doctoral degree studies for EU, non EU, and EEA citizens:

All year from 2nd November, 2019.


Application for SKVC deadlines for Bachelor and Master programs for EU, non EU, and EEA citizens:

Till 30th July, 2020. 


Application fee

All applicants from non EU and EEA countries have to pay a non-refundable application fee of 150 EUR.
All applicants from EU countries have to pay a non-refundable application fee of 40 EUR.
All applicants from EU countries who apply for Master degree studies have to pay a non-refundable application fee of 15 EUR.

Tuition fee

The accepted student has to pay a tuition fee for the first study year before applying for National (D) visa*.

*In case of rejected visa request tuition fee can be reimburse (request for reimbursement must be submitted by email until 1st October).


In case an applicant has no technical possibility to use on line application he has right to provide all required application documents by post before June 30,2020. The application and required enclosures should be sent to the following address:
Study Department
Lithuanian Sports University
Sporto Str. 6, Room 101
LT-44221 Kaunas

For contacts:
Telephone: +370 37 302 644