Basic information and duration of recognition procedure

Academic recognition means determining the academic value of a qualification obtained in a country other than Lithuania. During this procedure, it is determined whether the foreign qualification basically meets the general academic requirements that are set for a similar qualification in Lithuania. Academic recognition of foreign qualifications is the main step of admission procedure, and all applicants must pass the recognition process of their credentials. By submitting the documents, applicant confirms that documents are correct, truthful, and complete.

Applicants shall be eligible to enter university studies according to the level of qualification from prior education. High school matriculation or university diplomas are verified according to the required level of education and shall pass validation of authenticity. Academic recognition is granted by evaluating the following elements: quality of education; profile; learning/study load; learning/study results; level. More detailed information about the evaluation items is available here.

Prior to making a recognition decision, the University considers the General Recommendations of the national ENIC/NARIC Center – Higher Education Quality Assessment Center (SKVC) for education systems of the respective countries. In the absence of general recommendations, University requests the SKVC for an individual recommendation for each specific qualification.

The process of academic recognition of foreign qualifications in LSU is based on the following national and international legislation:

Final decision about academic recognition of foreign education qualifications will be made within 1 month from the date of the receipt of documents.