Career Centre

Objectives of the Career Centre:

  • help students and graduates move from academic life to professional development and integration into the labor market;
  • provide information and services, promote career planning and implementation of the objectives;
  • establish and maintain a close relationship between the University community and employers.

Services provided by the Career Centre:

  • inform, educate and advise students on issues related to employment and preparation for the labor market;
  • help students and graduates plan, develop and implement career goals and search for employment;
  • organize informational methodological seminars and lectures on career and employment issues for students;
  • organize fairs, conferences and events on career and employment issues;
  • organize individual career and open days for schoolchildren and students;
  • interact with other high school Career Centers.

  A cover letter is designed to show the motivation of a person searching for employment. The letter describes working (learning) experience, personal qualities and skills; it provides justification of suitability for the desired work. A cover letter discloses personal strengths and shows that the applicant is the best candidate. It shall be sent together with a CV. However, a cover letter is not mandatory if the organizers of the competition do not require it. A cover letter is a great opportunity to distinguish yourself from other candidates.

    If there is no working experience or it is insignifcant, the letter should emphasize learning results, activities in the academic community, participation in seminars, conferences, or independent activities.

   It is important not to repeat everything that has already been written in a CV, but comment on the facts mentioned and provide more detailed information about yourself. Once the letter is written, it is a good idea to read it several times and evaluate the logics and consistency of the letter. Also, special attention should be paid to spelling and grammatical errors.

   NB: the first sentence of a cover letter should intrigue the person responsible for recruitment, the last sentence should not leave any doubts about your, as a candidate’s, suitability.

   The letter should include the title, indicating what job position is of interest (if requested by the advertisement, identify the source). The letter should be written in a formal style, consist of no more than 4-5 paragraphs, and not exceed one A4 page. A cover letter should be printed, not handwritten. Every cover letter, as well as a CV, shall be adapted to a specific job advertisement, and cannot be sent to the addressees of all job advertisements.

The main aim of a CV is to introduce and provide information about oneself as a person necessary for an organization. It is a tool to summarize key information about a person’s education, experience and competences. The information should be correct because during the interview, and then at work, things will become apparent.
It is important to present the information in a CV so that the person carrying out the recruitment draw attention to the person searching for employment and appoint the meeting.Every CV should be prepared individually after having analyzed job advertisement, the employer needs and having obtained detailed knowledge on the employer’s specific needs and requirements of a particular job.

Information provided in a CV:
– Personal Information;
– Education;
– Work experience;
– Competences;
– Personal characteristics.

CV is a formal document   

The information in a CV shall not focus too much on the description of personal characteristics or hobbies; relevant contact information shall be indicated. A photo placed in a CV shall be a document one. A CV shall be filled in on a sheet of A4 format paper by computer.

Correct spelling and punctuation

A CV should be neat and error-free. There is a variety of CV forms to choose. However, one of the most popular CV forms is Europass CV (Annex 2).
Europass CV is a unified, attractive for job seekers and appreciated by employers form of curriculum vitae throughout Europe ( It is possible to create a form, depending on individual needs.

Europass CV Template

Europass CV Instruction