Support for Students with Special Needs

The LSU community seeks to provide access and necessary support for students with disabilities or special needs to ensure equal opportunities for the enrolled students and integrate them into the academic environment, including studies, research and active leisure.

With the aim to increase communicative competence, awareness about the needs of students with disabilities and create disability-friendly university, the LSU has recently implemented a project „Studies without obstacles: integration of students with special needs into the University community“.

Special Arrangements for Students with Disabilities

The University campus and its premises are fully or partly adapted to the needs of disabled students and students with reduced mobility, including reserved parking spaces for disabled, wheelchair elevators, disabled ramp access, adapted dormitory rooms, etc.

The FM systems are available for students with hearing impairments to aid them in following lectures.

Every semester the LSU can reduce or exempt from the payment of accommodation and study tuition fees, etc.

At the request of the student, the University will design an individual study schedule adapted to individual needs of the disabled students.

Sports and Leisure Activities

Founded in 1994, Kaunas recreation and sports club (RSC) for disabled unifies people with restricted mobility and is located at the LSU. The club president Dr. Vaida Pokvytytė is a lecturer in LSU.  The RSC club offers a variety of sports and recreational activities for LSU students with special needs:

  • Wheelchair basketball
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics
  • Athletics
  • Orienteering sport
  • Table tennis
  • Kayaking, etc.


For more information or help, you can contact the adviser for students with disabilities
Aušrinė Packevičiūtė, 8-37-3020660