Daniele Conte: The MSc Basketball Coaching and Management is the only degree in the world specifically developed for basketball people

Daniele Conte is an Italian Senior Researcher – Associate professor at the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU). After completing his PhD in Sport Science at the University of Rome “Foro Italico” and after some working experiences abroad in USA, Australia and Brazil he moved to Lithuania in 2017. Since then, Daniele Conte has been working in LSU a now as director of The MSc Basketball Coaching and Management (IBCM) study program.

The IBCM is a very unique degree since it is the only master degree in the world specifically developed for basketball people. It is delivered in collaboration with the University of Split and has very experienced lectures with a strong practical background including high-level basketball coaches and strength and conditioning coaches. It also possess an unique structure since it tries to meet students’ working schedules. In fact, in each semester, lectures are scheduled within a 2-week period both in Kaunas (January) and Split (July). Students also have the opportunity to take online exams in the weeks following the intensified lecturing period. Moreover, the course allows the possibility of internships in very high-level contests, where students will have the possibility to increase their skillset and put in practice the theoretical knowledge gained during classes.

The IBCM is also well-integrated with our basketball research group “Modern Technology in Basketball Training”, which I coordinate leading several research projects and supervising PhD students. Our aim is to increase the knowledge in sport science in basketball and enhance players’ performances. The main investigated topics are referred to the enhancement of workload monitoring strategies, assessment of basketball players performance with technical and tactical analyses or using the most advanced testing procedures, assessment of the most useful strategies for recovery in basketball to minimize the risk of fatigue and injury risk. This strong link between the master’s degree and the research center assures that students will get a full knowledge of the most up-to-date research technologies and methods and possibly leading to start a PhD to get an academic profile.

The IBCM is specially designed for basketball coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, practitioners and all basketball people involved in management. It aims to increase the knowledge of students to get an easier access to basketball-related jobs. Overall, the course aims to shape the future generation of basketball coaches, practitioners and basketball-management oriented students.