LSU Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kęstutis Skučas received special attention at the University of Niš

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kęstutis Skučas gave lectures and delivered a seminar to students, schoolchildren, disabled beginner athletes and the members of the Serbian wheelchair basketball team under the Erasmus + project at the University of Niš (Serbia).

After the visit, we received a thorough response and gratitude from Professor Mark Aleksandrovich:

I would like to express gratitude to your institution, Luthuanian Sport University (LSU), because of support cooperation with Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of University of Niš all this years. Up to now, our two student (Bogradn Milićević in 2917 and Ivan Popović in 2018) were under umbrella of Erasmus Plus one semester at LSU. Currently, our two students are at one semester mobility at LSU (Miloš Nikolić and Nikola Utvić). Two more will be next semester. We are over-satisfied with thair life and academic progression during mobility at LSU. I was also over-satisfied with my mobility last year.

Last week, Prof. dr Kestutis Skučas was at our instutution for his Erasmus Plus mobility. His visit was historical! He represented EU, Lithuania, LSU, Kaunas, paralympic sport, science on the best possible way! He was inspiration for our society in general, our academic community  and local municipality.

President of City Municipality Pantelej – Nis, Bratimir Vasiljevic, with his collegues, organized official reception in honor of Prof. dr Kestutis Skučas.

His lectures were magnificent, he is the person with very strong harizma, influential and motivational to listeners! Practical demonstrations of listeners are Prof. dr Kestutis Skučas particularly attractive. Both his practical lectures, during subject Sport for people with disability classes and seminar Sport and spinal cord injury – mission possible were recorded and will we useful tool for learning.

Prof. dr Kestutis Skučas has very strong influence in wheelchair basketball at our university, city and country in general. His theoretical lecture was followed by cca. 230 listeners and practical lecture was watched by cca. 400 (primary school children came to attend). He developed the great connection whit wheelchair basketball players and people with disability intend to start that sport.

Almost all entire week activities of Prof. dr Kestutis Skučas were followed by local, regional, cable and national mass media.

The news regarding visit of Prof. dr Kestutis Skučas are on the top page of the internet site of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of University of Niš:

There are are several video clips of media report regarding seminar and visit of Spor. dr Kestutis Skučas:–1jA0jL-YjPIxNxPNNXLXAwTLNDlXo4MnFDeE6lOYNcHXbVvKk

Also, there is media clipping from web sites: