An online Sports Forum – International Scientific Conference to be hosted by LSU

On December 3-4, Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) will host a Sports Forum – International Scientific Conference “Athlete Training Management and Determinants of Sports Performance”. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the two-day event will be held online. It is expected to bring together representatives of sports federations and other LSU social partners, coaches, physical education professionals, teaching staff and students.

Internationally recognized sports scientists from Scotland, Greece, Germany, Italy and Finland will deliver presentations on issues relevant to the sports community: nutrition, doping and corruption in sport, staff management, prevention of violence and social exclusion through sport and physical activity, etc.

The annual international scientific conference, which extends the Sports Forum and will be held for the eleventh time, will address the challenges of preparation for the Olympics, athlete training control and complex management, psychosocial and educational aspects of training, links between physical activity and health, sports physiology, motor control, rehabilitation, adapted physical activity, sports management and sports recreation, student sports, as well as application of modern technology in sport. For more information on Sports Forum – Conference, click on the link

The conference is funded by the Research Council of Lithuania.