April 27 An online event was held on the role of the media in promoting a European dual career culture in the form of a virtual café. 

Originating from the findings of the EU Collaborative Partnership “Media as a channel of Athletes’ Dual Careers promotion and education (EdMedia, 603456-EPP-1-2018-1-LT-SPO-SCP)”, the third EAS Virtual Cafè attracted around 80 European dual career experts.
Andrej Pisl, Communications and Projects Manager at European University Sports Association – EUSA and Member of the Ed Media Collaborative Partnership, illustrated the aims of the project and its educational platform (…/project…/edmedia-online-platform/), which could be useful for both student-athletes and media professionals. He also moderated the contributions of Andreas Küttel and Flavia Guidotti, who presented their personal experiences as athletes and coach, respectively.
Andreas Küttel, former Swiss ski-jumping world champion and five-time Olympic athlete, presented his personal experience and claimed that student-athletes can benefit from unveiling their academic career to better attract the attention of the media and general public. As an Assistant Professor at SDU, and sports psychological consultant, he also recognized the need to educate student-athletes on the role of media and social media to construct a positive image including also their dual career.
Flavia Guidotti, former volleyball player and actual physical trainer of the AO THIRAS Santorini Volleyball team (Greece), focused on the role of dual career in team sports that provide limited revenues to athletes if any. As a dual career expert, she presented her experience with elite athletes as students, who previously lacked support at the sport and academic level. In considering the role model of successful student-athletes crucial for youth athletes, Flavia envisaged a wise use of media and social media to spread the message that the combination of elite sport and academic career is achievable.
Petra Robnik, Head of Athletes Career Centre / Secretary of Slovenian Olympians Association at Olympic Committee of Slovenia, commented that proper communication can be beneficial not only for athletes but also for different dual career stakeholders, who could profit from information on successful dual career programmes and the outcomes of dual career projects.
Flowing a general discussion, Andrej Pisl summarized the outcomes of the café and invited the participants to attend the fourth EAS Virtual Cafè to be organized next June and the Annual Conference to be held next September in Lisbon, European Capital of Sport 2021.

Presentations at an international conference

Sport Info Day in Lithuania. Lithuanian Sports University team on the Panel Discussion disseminates EdMedia Project as a good example for representatives from sport organisations.

Ed Media dissemination at the IX Conference Europe and Sports: Legal, Economical, and Social Profiles. From the Education Rights to the Dual Career of the Student-Athlete (Bergamo, November 20, 2019).

Partners from the University of Rome “Foro Italico” presented the Ed Media project at the University of Taipei, Taiwan on November 27, 2019.

Partners from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University attended at 5 th International Conference of the Universitaria Consortium, Cluj, October 2019.

First presentation of the Ed Media project in Romania.

Career double-step towards performance (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, October 23, 2019).

A representative of the Lithuanian Sports University participated in the World Association for Sport Management Conference,  Saint Thomas University, Santiago, Chile, October 16 – 19, 2019.