Informative section: organizations, clubs, universities, media specialists

Welcome to the online platform informative section! Maybe you still don’t know what dual careers are all about, but don’t worry, after going through this section your doubts will be cleared up In this section you will find videos of student-athlete from different European countries that collaborate in this project speaking about their dual careers. In the second sub-section, you will find interesting videos of different university managers and EdMedia specialist talking about the importance of the dual-career. Finally, in the third sub-section, you will find links from different institution of Europe where you can also find more information about dual career. We hope that after going through this section, you will be aware of the importance of dual careers!

“Hall of fame” videos of dual career-athletes

In this first sub-section, you will find eight videos of student-athletes talking about what dual careers are and how important they are. Specifically, all these students from different European countries (Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Germany, Romania and Spain) answer the following questions:

  • What keys would you highlight to explain your academic and sporting success?
  • How do you think social media can help you promote your dual career?
  • What are your future prospects after finishing your sports career?
  • What advice would you give to all athletes to embark on a dual career?

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Videos to raise awareness of reporting athletes´ dual career

In this second sub-section, you will find, some videos in which different university managers and media specialist talk about the importance of increasing dual career visibility. From their background, and their own perspective, they provide a valuable information in these videos. Please do not miss the opportunity to view them!

Ovidiu Gabriel IANCU, President of Al. I. Cuza University of lasi Senate

Narcisa Lecusanu, Vice-president of the Romanian Handball Federation

Cerneliu IATU, Vice – Rector of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of lasi

Brigita Virbalytė-Dimšienė – athletics athlete. LTV sports journalist.



Links to institution of interest

Finally, in this third sub-section, you will find some interesting links to webpages in which you can find more information about dual career in each European country that participate in EdMedia project. To keep updated, and to know to which institutions you can contact in case you need further information is essential. Please, have a look on these websites.