EdMedia Online platform

Welcome to the EdMedia Online Platform!

In this platform, you will find information about the dual-career, and the importance of promoting it using social medial. This platform is aimed at organizations, sport clubs, universities and media specialists of these six European Union countries: Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Romania and Spain.

You will find three different sections, with some general information, and specific one regarding the county:

Informative section:

in this section you could find information about what is dual-career about, the degree of development of the EU guidelines in each European country and links to interesting institutions. It is especially aimed at sport organizations, sport clubs, universities, media specialist and other sport stakeholders.

Interactive section:

in this section, student-athletes will find social media profiles to interact with other sport specialist and institutions. Also, sport stakeholder will find social profiles or groups to interact with student-athletes.

Training section:

this section is especially focused on student athletes. They will find video of how promoting dual-career using different social media. Also some interesting events and confferents that will be held next year could be found.

We hope you find this platform useful, and you enjoy it.