Admission to study in Lithuanian Sports University is open till July 31, 2020

Do not miss your chance to study in one of the leading academic and research centre in Europe.

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) is a specialised public higher education institution that has developed its unique profile in sport, leisure and health sciences. Since its foundation in 1934, the LSU has been playing a significant role in sports development and the promotion of physical activity and health in the country and over the years has become a leading academic and research centre in sports science in the Baltic Sea region. The LSU offers academic programmes in sport and health-related areas at all three study cycles (Bachelor, Master and PhD), where education, research and practice are closely interconnected.

Lithuanian Sports University offers 4 study programs in English leading to a Bachelor‘s degree: Physiotherapy, Sports Coaching, Sports and Tourism Management, Physical activity and lifestyle.


LSU is the leading University in the area of sports science in the Baltic States. The research activities are performed in different areas of social and biomedical sciences, such as muscle and motor control, rehabilitation, sports coaching, physiology and genetics, public health, physical activity, social empowerment of the disabled and sports management.

Research teams with over 100 scientists work in in five strategic research areas:

· Physical Education and Well-Being

· Modern Technology in Basketball Training

· Muscles, Motor Control and Health Promotion

· Management and Economics of Sport and Leisure

· Methodology of Sports and Exercise Training

The research projects developed in cooperation with or commissioned by different national, regional and local organisations, including National Olympic and Paralympic Committees and different sports federations help to increase the performance of top-level athletes and optimize their training process, to motivate people to be physically active, to facilitate rehabilitation and social integration of disabled and elderly population and to address many other issues and areas of concern.

Lithuanian Sports University offers 5 study programmes in English leading to a Masters‘s degree: Tourism and Sports Management, Physical activity and public health, Physiotherapy, Sports physiology and genetics, Adapted Physical Activity and 2 Joint study programmes in English leading to a Masters‘s degree: International Basketball Coaching and Management and International Master In Performance Analysis Of Sport. Doctoral studies are offered in two research areas: Biomedical Sciences and Social Sciences.

International partnership

From the very beginning of its participation in the European and transnational mobility and cooperation programmes, the LSU seeks to establish sustainable long-term cooperation with the EU and non EU universities, aiming to mutually benefit from the diversity of educational approaches and practices as well as cultural values, and develop its identity recognizable by other universities and community at large. The LSU has created a network of partnership with over 80 Universities and higher education institutions within and outside Europe.

Student life on campus

The University offers a wide range of sports activities and annual events (competitions, tournaments, sports festivals) for its students and staff. The students can take part in most of the Olympic sports while the most popular sports are basketball, football, handball, athletics, swimming and sports aerobics. With more than 8 student sports clubs, students can readily find friends who share their interests, whether academic, environmental, multicultural, social, or athletic.

The University’s sport centre is available for students, teachers and other employees eager to spend their leisure in an active way. The University’s sports complex includes indoor athletics arena, indoor swimming and rowing pools, two indoor game halls, gymnastics and sports aerobics halls, specialised table tennis hall, boxing and wrestling halls, a gym. In addition to these facilities, the University owns the rowing sports center near Kaunas. All information about the admission for degree students you can find here.