Supporting Gamified Physical Activities in & out of Schools (SUGAPAS)

TITLE OF THE PROJECT Supporting Gamified Physical Activities in & out of Schools
DURATION Start: 01-01-2020 – End: 30-06-2021
PROJECT COORDINATOR Lithuanian Sports University
PROJECT PARTNERS European University Cyprus (Cyprus),

Fundacion Universitaria San Antonio (Spain)

Schools for Health in Europe Network Foundation (Denmark)

European Physical Education Association (Switzerland)

Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis (Greece)

Allgemeiner Sportverband Salzburg (ASVO SALZBURG) (Austria)

Games for Health Europe Foundation (Netherlands)



Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Sport

Action Type: Collaborative Partnerships

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The main goal of “Supporting Gamified Physical Activities in & out of Schools” (SUGAPAS) project is to change students’ behaviour towards physical activity being aware about their body and nutrition.

SUGAPAS project will create a comprehensive solution that will be easy to be deployed with low cost and effort, in several schools of the participating countries and around EU and will change the attitudes and behaviours of young pupils towards physical activity. Specifically, SUGAPAS will develop an electronic environment and a gamification strategy. These tools that will be used are so familiar to the modern day pupils, that is expected to enhance both the level and the everyday load of physical activity performed by them with relevant improvements in their health and wellbeing.

SUGAPAS aims to address the identified needs by developing a European-wide strategic partnership between academic institutions and education providers, schools, and organizations promoting the health-enhancing aspects of sports/exercise and supporting healthy amateur and competitive sports, by:

(a) creating effective strategies in promoting physical activity as well as supporting sedentary behaviour change, integration of therapeutic exercise within the context of Physical Activity and healthy lifestyle through educational activities in & out of schools.

(b) improving the dietary eating habits of school-age children through an individualized approach using on-line interactive games.

(c) overcoming barriers to physical activity of adolescents and teenagers by exploiting technology and digital games.

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Irena Valantine


2018 12 13 Pradedamas įgyvendinti projektas „Supporting Gamified Physical Activities in & out of Schools (SUGAPAS)“

Pradedamas įgyvendinti projektas „Supporting Gamified Physical Activities in & out of Schools (SUGAPAS)“

Virtualus renginys „Sveika gyvensena ir technologijos. Kaip pakeisti paauglių fizinio aktyvumo ir mitybos įpročius?“

Renginys „Technologijos, skatinančios sveiką mokinių gyvenseną: MOOC, Battle4Health“

LSU koordinuojamo projekto SUGAPAS dalyviai posėdžiavo Liuksemburge ir Austrijoje

SUGAPAS mokinių judumo ir sveikos gyvensenos iššūkis: surink kuo daugiau taškų ir laimėk prizus

SUGAPAS projektas: technologijų naudojimas, siekiant pagerinti mokinių fizinį aktyvumą ir gyvenimo būdą

SUGAPAS project: using technology to improve the amount of pupils’ physical activity and their lifestyle


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