Graduation ceremony at LSU: famous basketball players, engagement and joyful atmosphere

On June 21, a celebration for academic youth took place in the legendary Kaunas Sports Hall. Bachelor’s and master’s degree diplomas were solemnly awarded to Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) graduates.

This year, discus throw world champion Andrius Gudžius, famous Lithuanian basketball players Darjuš Lavrinovič and his brother Kšyštof Lavrinovič completed an undergraduate study programme Sports Coaching at LSU. Modestas Paulauskas, the son of an Olympic champion and LSU graduate Modestas Paulauskas, was among the graduates. One of the leaders of a basketball club “Hoptrans Sirenos” Rasa Žemantauskaitė-Matlašaitienė was awarded a master’s degree diploma.

The graduation ceremony was hosted by Edvinas Vadoklis; the band “Drums 2 Accordions” with the vocalist Lina Rovaitė created a cheery atmosphere. Graduates were congratulated by the acting LSU Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diana Rėklaitienė and the Chairman of the Council Arūnas Kučikas. Mindaugas Špokas, Secretary General of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation, joined the celebration, which was enlivened by the graduates of the Physiotherapy study programme: Vakaris Mičiūnas proposed to Simona Radzevičiūtė.

According to the data provided by the Centre for Academic Quality Supervision, 436 students graduated from LSU this year: 347 students were conferred a bachelor’s degree, and 89 – master’s degree. The diplomas were awarded to the graduates of Sports Coaching, Physiotherapy, Physical Education and Sport, Sport Recreation and Tourism, Physical Activity and Public Health, Adapted Physical Activity, Sports Management and other study programmes. 18 students graduated from an international study programme Physical Activity and Lifestyle.

Lithuanian Sports University offers 8 bachelor’s degree study programmes, 10 master’s degree study programmes and doctoral studies in Biology and Education.