Starting from autumn 2024, Lithuanian Sports University will offer the only Master’s program in Sports Physiology

The Master's Degree program in Sports PhysiologyThe Master’s Degree program in Sports Physiology is designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge encompassing genetics, nutrition, molecular biology, rehabilitation, neurobiology, biomechanics, muscle strengthening, public health, and athletic training, all grounded in modern scientific research. The studies will be conducted in newly renovated laboratories equipped with the latest technology, enabling students to engage in hands-on experimentation. Additionally, they will receive guidance from world-renowned scientists and practitioners within their respective fields.

The primary objective of this program is to cultivate a master of life sciences (specializing in biology) capable of innovatively advancing the field of sports physiology. Graduates will be equipped to independently formulate and execute scientific research, leveraging their findings to address diverse challenges associated with human physiological responses to physical activity, as well as matters concerning health and physical performance.

The outcomes of this study program will enable graduates to autonomously pursue careers in educational and scientific institutions such as high schools, scientific laboratories, research centers, sports training facilities, health clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to engage in scientific research and apply their expertise in both high-tech and traditional industrial settings, technology development companies, and various public or private enterprises including sports teams, fitness clubs, and rehabilitation centers. Additionally, graduates will possess the skills to establish their own ventures in the sports and health sectors.

Furthermore, graduates of this study program will be eligible to further their education by enrolling in LSU’s doctoral program in biological sciences, which is conducted in collaboration with the University of Tartu in Estonia, or pursue doctoral studies in similar fields offered by other Lithuanian or foreign universities.

The Sports Physiology study program is particularly recommended for individuals contemplating pursuing a PhD in Biology.

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Prof. dr. Marius Brazaitis,

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