Alumna G. Bernotaitė: “I knew what I wanted to do after graduation”

Giedrė Bernotaitė, an alumna of Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) “Physical Activity and Public Health” study program has been organizing and participating in mass sporting and recreation events, international children’s games, free training sessions for Kaunas residents, yoga lessons, consultations on healthy lifestyle since the graduation.

“My whole life has been related to physical activity. During school years, I did athletics, gymnastics, went swimming, and played volleyball a bit. Later, I was fascinated by street dances, I even took part in the world championship. While studying, I became interested in sports yoga, gained knowledge in various seminars and trainings, and became a group exercise instructor. I am sure that a healthy lifestyle, physical activity and movement are the key to a healthier life,” says Giedrė.

Giedrė was pleased with extensive and high-quality studies at LSU. She learned to develop disease prevention and health promotion programs, conduct epidemiological research, develop and implement health promotion and physical activity projects.

After her bachelor’s studies, G. Bernotaitė wanted to work as a physical activity and public health professional, so she spent five years at Kaunas Public Health Bureau taking care of physical activity and  healthy eating habits of Kaunas residents. “My colleagues and I organized health conferences, corporate sports tournaments, and conducted yoga exercises and Nordic walking exercises free of charge,” says Giedrė. “We really wanted the children to be more physically active, so we organized a free summer camp for children.” Later, G. Bernotaitė joined the team of S. Darius and S. Girėnas Sport Centre. “Together with our partners, we have created the largest free exercise platform “Judėk sveikai” and “Kaunas sportuoja”. We have organized mass sporting and health promotion events, international children’s games. I have been working as a yoga teacher in sports and health clubs for nine years now, I also consult several magazines on healthy lifestyle topics,” says the LSU alumna.

Bernotaitė is convinced that the successful choice of studies is directly related to her career. She confirms that after completing these studies, a lot of professional opportunities open up, as the graduates can work as health marketing specialists, policy advisors and assistants, health influencers or educators, occupational health specialists, health ecologists, innovators, developers and distributors, or researchers.

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