The first LSU students who ventured for exchange studies to the United States: gained international experience and encourage their colleagues to follow them!

Last academic year two LSU undergraduate students in Sports Coaching – 3rd year student Valentinas Ulinas and 4th year student Jokūbas Jurėnas – studied at Boise State University (BSU), Idaho, USA, as a part of the Erasmus+ student mobility programme.

Valentinas and Jokūbas are the first LSU students who ventured for exchange studies to the United States under the Erasmus+ Programme. Jokūbas travelled to Boise first and started his studies in the autumn semester, while Valentinas joined him for the spring semester. “I am really grateful to Jokūbas for introducing me to BSU and its academic community. It wasn’t easy to get used to it: different study process and evaluation system, but thanks to Jakūbas, the start of my studies was easier”, said Valentinas.

The students passed the selection and got an opportunity to gain international experience. It is worth mentioning that the students had to work part-time as well, since the Erasmus grant they received could not cover all their living expenses.

Valentinas and Jokūbas spent most of their time studying and being involved in sport. In leisure time they managed to travel around the area – Boise has a magnificent landscape since the city is surrounded by mountains and rivers.

In the students’ opinion, the main difference between studying at LSU and BSU is systematic learning, continuous assessments and practical knowledge. “Having a chance, we would like to thank LSU for providing this opportunity to gain knowledge and international experience, get to know the world and make new friends. Also, we would like to encourage our classmates to be active, not to be afraid of new challenges in making known the name of Lithuania and LSU,” – said Jokūbas and Valentinas, encouraging other students to follow in their footsteps.

At the end of his exchange semester, Jokūbas Jurėnas obtained a Personal Trainer Certificate and continues his internship as a personal trainer in the USA. In the meantime, Valentinas Ulinas is continuing his exchange studies at BSU this autumn semester, making the most of opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Programme.

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