Facts about Lithuanian Sports University study programs in English leading to a Bachelor‘s degree

Lithuanian Sports University offers 4 study programs in English leading to a Bachelor‘s degree: Physiotherapy, Sports Coaching, Physical Activity and Lifestyle, Sports and Tourism Management.

Sports Coaching study programme not only provides education that is valued around the world, but also:

  • offers a specialization for you to choose from as many as 32 sports!
  • provides knowledge on how to implement the latest athletic training technology
  • teaches the ways to carry out physical fitness assessment and develop training programmes

Sports and Tourism Management study programme not only enables you to get to know and manage the market and create attractive services for the consumer, but also:

  • teaches management and administration of sports tourism organizations
  • gives guidance on how to apply the principles of leadership and good governance in practice
  • enables creative thinking and generation of new ideas and their implementation in the development of future sports or services provided by tourism organizations

If you choose Physiotherapy study programme you will be able to:

  • thoroughly examine and assess the patient’s / client’s condition to determine the need for physiotherapy
  • develop exercise programmes and evaluate the effectiveness of procedures
  • carry out injury and disease prevention and conduct research

If you study Physical Activity and Lifestyle study programme, you will not only get a consortium certificate, but also:

  • learn to develop science-based health promotion and behaviour change programmes for individuals and communities
  • learn how to apply the principles of physically active and healthy lifestyle counselling
  • be able to work as a motivator for a healthy lifestyle and educate people of all ages, levels of physical activity and health status