LSU Sports Coaching student D.Mackonytė shares about her studies and experience in Sarajevo

Every year, students of the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Programme to spend part of their study period abroad either for studies or for internships in one of European countries and countries outside Europe. This time LSU undergraduate student in Sports Coaching Dalia Mackonytė shares her experience from studies at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina where she spent the spring semester.

The future coach was pleasantly surprised by studies and new culture, and she also gained a lot of courage and valuable experience. “Studying was not easy, but the classes were interesting. I learned a lot about martial arts,” Dalia shared her impressions. – “I became acquainted with the Islamic culture, I learned what Ramadan is and how important it’s for the local people. The wonderful nature of the country made a great impression, and it is quite impressive even around the city. Just 20 minutes walk and you’re already in the mountains.”

At the University of Sarajevo, the student could successfully train together with the judo team, where Dalia was warmly and friendly introduced. Though there were various challenges during the mobility period, the LSU student was excited about the opportunity to study abroad.

“Studies abroad through the “Erasmus+” Programme gave me courage and self-confidence. I improved my English skills and met very nice people! Of course, it wasn’t easy, but it was really worth it!” – Dalia summed up her studies at the University of Sarajevo.

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