Zalgiris introduces technologies in practices to help track player performances

In cooperation with the Lithuanian Sports University, Zalgiris Kaunas had started involving advanced technology in their practices – the Catapult system. LSU scientist Paulius Kamarauskas introduced us to the technology that helps track players data during the practices.

“The Catapult system consists of two parts: the first one is Clear Sky, which creates a GPS connectivity field in locations such as Zalgiris training hall. The second part of the Catapult system – the sensors with accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes, calculate the dynamics of the players’ movement. We receive the player’s distance covered, speed, momentary speed bursts, changes in direction, jumps. The entire movement is kept track of in three axis, 100 times per second.”

Zalgiris physio Justinas Grainys shared his impressions on the tool that the team has already put to use in practices.

“As technologies advance, we try to use that for our training process. Before we’d be happy to have the inner workings of the player – the heart rate. Now that we have the Catapult system, we have a chance to measure the distance, speed, how many times the player changed direction, how much he jumped – all that adds up to a full practice load that the player received. Now after each practice, we see how intense it was, how intense was each of the exercises, compare it on how it works after each practice, after a sum of practices. We then take a look at how it reflects in sports results.”

Zalgiris captain Paulius Jankunas also thrilled to see the new system in place, as it allows both the players and coaches to receive even more invaluable information.

“It’s something new to our team, something we didn’t have before. It’s very useful, since it’s additional data, additional information not just for the physios, but other coaches too. They keep track of our practices, take care of the load management. And this amount of information is definitely useful and interesting.”

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