The updated textbook “Kritinio mąstymo metodai“ (“Critical Methods of Thinking”) – not only for students but also for society

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) has published the second revised and expanded edition of the popular textbook “Kritinio mąstymo metodai“.

The author of the textbook, Tomas Saulius, Associate Professor at LSU and Doctor of Humanities, states in the foreword that several important changes were made to the second edition of the textbook. The concept of critical thinking is clarified, the difference between rational and psychological persuasiveness is explained in more detail, the use of rhetorical devices is expanded, the criteria for the objective assessment of argumentation are made clearer, the terminology and classification of logical errors are clarified, and practical rules are given to make it easier to recognize the fact of argumentation and the essential components of argumentation.

In adjusting the presentation of the material, an effort was made to refer to the most recent scientific literature, with an updated list of literature and more visual material – figures, diagrams, etc. The appendix of the textbook has been significantly updated, following the example of popular academic literacy textbooks in foreign universities, and introduces the requirements and guidelines for writing an argumentative essay.

“Developing critical thinking is one of the most urgent tasks in higher education today. Today, it is clear that easier access to information resources is not a sufficient condition for deeper understanding, absorption, and practical application of information. The ability to analyze information (to identify the main units of meaning and their logical relationships) and to evaluate it (in terms of accessibility, relevance, and validity) is often emphasized, and this is what the concept of critical thinking is all about. The textbook focuses on the development of these skills. It presents a variety of tools for working with information (concept maps, argumentation diagrams, etc.) that can be used effectively both in interdisciplinary academic contexts and in day-to-day problem-solving situations.

The textbook is designed for university students of all specializations, especially first-year students, who often find it difficult to study and write theoretical texts on their own (essays, coursework, etc., and presentations). It is also designed for all those who are actively seeking to improve themselves, to keep pace with science, and to go deeper into societal issues” T. Saulius described in his textbook.

The textbook is available for viewing and purchase at the LSU Library (Sporto g. 6, Kaunas), e-mail:, phone: 8 690 09938.