The Honorary Doctorate Degree of Lithuanian Sports University conferred on the legendary basketball player Modestas Paulauskas

The Senate of Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) conferred the Honorary Doctorate Degree on Modestas Paulauskas, LSU alumnus, one of the most famous Lithuanian athletes, Olympic and the World Champion, European Champion, meritorious sportsman, famous coach awarded the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas.

M. Paulauskas is an exceptional personality who has put a lot of effort into the promotion of basketball in Lithuania and basketball coach training. “With his heart, mind and behaviour, Modestas Paulauskas is at the forefront of true sports values. He inspires us with the constant struggle to know more and experience constant victories and defeats,” said Prof. Habil. Dr. Albertas Skurvydas.

Talented basketball player M. Paulauskas is Olympic Champion of 1972, two times World Champion and four times Europe Champion. He successfully represented the national basketball team and Kaunas Žalgiris team for a long time. He was selected as the Lithuanian Sportsman of the Year seven times.

Active in sports and top-level competitions, M. Paulauskas was able to study at Lithuanian Institute of Physical Education (present LSU) and successfully graduate from it. Having acquired the qualification of a Physical Education Teacher, he delivered knowledge and sports skills to Kaunas University of Technology students for more than two decades and was an associate professor at the Department of Physical Education.

M. Paulauskas successfully trained teams of different ages and mastery: teams of former Soviet Union, Lithuanian national teams and Kaunas Žalgiris team, as well as Lithuanian regional basketball teams.

During his pedagogical activity, M. Paulauskas cooperated with LSU lecturers and researchers, gave lectures, conducted seminars, shared training and competing experiences, and supervised student internships. He is currently assisting in the training of Masters in Sport Education.

At various meetings and discussions on sport, honourable competitions and values, M. Paulauskas emphasizes the indisputable importance of Lithuanian Sports University for national sport, physical activity and health.

The Inauguration Ceremony of the new LSU Honorary Doctor M. Paulauskas will take place in autumn, at the time of celebration of the 85th anniversary of Lithuanian Sports University.