Symposium “Fighting muscle weakness when we get old”

Symposium “Fighting muscle weakness when we get old” hosted by prof. Henning Wackerhage (Technical University of Munich, TUM) and prof. Aivaras Ratkevičius; Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) Sporto g. 6, Kaunas

Lecture hall: Central Building 215, 23rd November 2018


13:00 Opening of the Symposium. Prof. Aivaras Ratkevičius (LSU)

13:05 “Sarcopenia. Why do our muscles age and what can we do about it?” Prof. Henning Wackerhage (TUM)

13:40 “Aerobic endurance training combined with strength training: effects on muscle quality”. Prof. Tomas Venckunas (LSU)

14:00 “Omega-3 fatty acids – a potential tool in the treatment of sarcopenia”. Dr. Stuart R. Gray (University of Glazgow, U.K.)

14:20 “Effects of caloric restriction on young and ageing muscle”. Prof. Aivaras Ratkevičius (LSU)

14:40 “Predisposed to muscle weakness from birth? What can be done about it?”  Dr. Arimantas Lionikas (University of Aberdeen, U.K.)

15:00 OPEN DISCUSSION “Fighting muscle weakness when we get old ” led by prof. Henning Wackerhage (Technical University of Munich, TUM)

15:30 Concluding remarks. Prof. Aivaras Ratkevičius (LSU)