Successful implementation of Nordplus project “Nordic-Baltic Learning Environments for Movement Affordances” (NPHZ_2017 / 10130)

The main idea of the project was to perform an analysis of the learning environment for movement affordances with the participation of various educational and non-educational institutions. The participation of these institutions allowed us to achieve reliable results in the development of a study module for all age groups. The case study is important for all project participants, as the results obtained provided a new perspective on the problem of physical inactivity in all partner countries, and especially in the Baltic States. The experience and knowledge of various sectors in the Nordic countries enriched the content of the study module, provided innovative research ideas, and expanded the philosophy of the young physical activity educator, which promotes the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

The results of the study on the learning environment were shared during the seminar, and recommendations were developed based on them. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the agenda of meetings and activities were adjusted, and the focus was on the analysis of the results. The obtained research data were used in the preparation of a scientific article, which was successfully completed. The project activities were organized remotely, and the last activity – Intensive Program – was replaced by a remote Forum with about 500 participants. The representative of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania, who participated in the forum, shared the thoughts on students’ physical inactivity and supported the idea of promoting students’ physical activity in schools making better use of available premises. The representative of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania actively participated in the Round Table discussion. She emphasised the importance of the idea of the project and the necessity to address the problem and take care of students’ health.