Erasmus+ internship possibilities in LSU: in the eyes of students from Spain

Did you know that Erasmus+ exchanges are valid for doctoral students?

By participating in an Exchange program, you can strengthen your communication, language, and intercultural skills, as well as acquire the soft skills that potential employers are eager for when studying abroad under Erasmus +.  You can also combine study abroad time with an internship to gain work experience, which is very valuable when entering the labor market.

Today we would like to introduce you to two Ph.D. students, who did their internship at Lithuanian Sports University (LSU).

“I was coming here for a reason and my expectations got exceeded”
From the beginning on, I knew I will benefit from the work of great professionals at LSU and three months later, I can state that my expectations have been exceeded. I knew I will benefit from the work of great professors at LSU, from the start, and three months later, I can say that my expectations have been exceeded. I’ve received attention and support that I didn’t expect from the beginning. In terms of academics, my stay has been beneficial to my Ph.D. because of the guidance of two professors at this school, Irena and Inga, who served as my supervisors during my stay. I’ve also been able to appreciate Lithuanian cuisine, culture, and, most importantly, Lithuanian sport, thanks to these two amazing people.
Coming to Kaunas and LSU is the closest thing to letting a child wild at a candy store for someone as enthusiastic about sport and all that surrounds it as I am.
I am sure I will find a way to visit this amazing country once again in the future!

“Sports is my biggest passion”
I am Alberto Vidal Vilaplana, and I’m 25 years old. I’m from Ontinyent, a little town near Valencia (Spain). I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and a Master’s degree in Sport Management, and I am presently enrolled in the University of Valencia’s Ph.D. program in Physical Activity and Sport. In Valencia, I am also a part of the Sport Management and Innovation research group (SMIrg). I arrived in Kaunas in early April for a three-month foreign doctorate stay that will go until the end of June. I could watch, speak about, or play sports 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sports is my passion.