Smart education system to be used by Lithuanian Sports University students

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) was the first sports university in Europe to start using the unique education system for the life sciences developed by the company “ADinstruments”. It is a modern system using “cloud” technology integrating all teacher and student activities: students’ individual or group practical work in the laboratory and its independent analysis, as well as interactive theory studies using any smart equipment. Using this system, teachers can flexibly plan and present the activities of the module taught, effectively supervise and assess students’ progress and learning outcomes.

“This system is very popular at the best universities in the US and Australia. The hardware registers physiological and other signals of the human body in real conditions, and the software carries out the analysis. This system offers over 300 works, but teachers can also create their own works using very convenient customized software. LSU scientists are already presenting their original laboratory work to teach sports and exercise physiology,” said LSU scientist Prof. Dr. Arvydas Stasiulis.

It is planned to use this system at LSU to teach Sports Medicine, Sports Biomechanics, Motor Control and Training and other modules.

According to LSU students and teachers who have tried the modern  system, it is very convenient to use, because it is possible to analyse important data registered in the laboratory, study theoretical material and analyse the study process in detail at any time and place using any device connected to the Internet.

“Nowadays, students have a hard time surviving without a phone, so it is appealing to them to try and see how research data is obtained. As world experience shows, this increases students’ motivation by 30 percent and significantly improves their academic achievement. Thus, the system is perfectly integrated into the daily lives of young people,” said LSU Prof. Dr. A. Stasiulis.