Procedure for organization of studies and work at LSU during quarantine

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania has declared quarantine on the territory of Lithuania. The quarantine regime shall be effective from November 7 (Saturday) to November 29 (Sunday).

During this period, all studies (lectures, seminars and practical sessions) carried out at Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) will take place remotely according to the usual schedule published in the LSU information system If any changes to the schedule are required due to the current situation, please inform the Studies Division. The teaching staff shall discuss all the issues with the Heads of the Departments.

Students shall discuss all the issues related to the learning material, individual work and administrative matters of the study process with the teaching staff or employees of the Studies Division by e-mail or phone (contact details of the teaching and administrative staff can be found in the LSU information system or on Microsoft Teams (Studies Division, IT support and Tutors’ help).

It is recommended that 4th year bachelor’s and 2nd year master’s degree students preparing final theses contact the supervisors as soon as possible.

The library will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during quarantine. For more about the services provided by the library, see

Scientists will work both remotely and in the usual manner, coordinating their activities with the Director of the Institute of Sport Science and Innovations. If investigations are to be carried out, it is necessary to ensure a service area of 10 m2 per visitor or to work with no more than one person at a time and to ensure other conditions established by the decision of the operations manager.

Administrative staff will work both remotely and in the usual manner, coordinating their work schedule with the heads of the departments.

From November 9, the Central Building will be open during business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Building 2 and Building 3 will be closed.