Physiotherapy study programme for students who want to help people

Competent physiotherapists are in constant need not only for sedentary persons, but also for people who suffer from various injuries or illnesses. As a result, physiotherapy studies at Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) receive lots of attention every year.

LSU was the one to initiate studies in physiotherapy in Lithuania. The University trains the best physiotherapists capable of thinking and applying the latest knowledge in practice. “In addition to general university subjects, prospective physiotherapists study subject-specific disciplines. With the help of modern technology, our experienced teachers teach students to thoroughly investigate and evaluate a person’s functional state and physical fitness, determine the need for physiotherapy and develop physiotherapy programmes, as well as to apply various physiotherapy tools and evaluate the effectiveness of procedures. We teach students how to help people avoid injuries and illness and to take care of their health. Already during the undergraduate years, students are engaged in research and willingly participate in intensive programmes in Lithuania and abroad. Prospective physiotherapists are also invited to work at various sporting events,” said the Director of Physiotherapy study programme Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vilma Dudonienė.

Second-year student Vaiva Vaičiulytė said that she had chosen LSU because of high quality of physiotherapy studies. “I was convinced of that in my first year of studies. Physiotherapy teachers are fans and connoisseurs of their subject,” said V. Vaičiulytė.

Paulina Damavičiūtė, a prospective third-year student of Physiotherapy study programme at LSU, is pleased that while studying at the University, she not only acquires a great deal of theoretical knowledge, but also has the opportunity to apply it in practice. LSU offers physiotherapy students more than 50 clinical internship places in Lithuania and abroad. “During our internship, we can test the effectiveness of what we learn during the lectures. If something does not work out, we consult with colleagues, teachers and search for new information,” said future physiotherapist P. Damavičiūtė.

“By the way, not only hospitals, rehabilitation centres or sports and health clubs, but also sports teams need professional physiotherapists. A physiotherapist is often referred to as a team player,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. V. Dudonienė. LSU Physiotherapy study programme is unique because students also have certain sports physiotherapy modules. Their knowledge of sports physiotherapy is very useful for them when working with athletes. According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. V. Dudonienė, LSU graduate physiotherapists work with athletes of various fields and skills: basketball players, handball players, volleyball players, representatives of individual disciplines of sports, etc. In addition to helping them with trauma, they teach how to prevent them.

Therefore, after four years of undergraduate studies in physiotherapy, LSU graduates, who have the latest professional knowledge and skills, can work as physiotherapists not only in sports teams, but also in treatment, rehabilitation, children’s education, wellness centres, health clinics, private clinics, or develop their own business and provide quality physiotherapy services. Those wishing to continue their studies may take a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, Adapted Physical Activity or other fields at LSU.

Physiotherapy studies at LSU also attract college graduates, who take bridge courses and then choose a master’s degree programme in physiotherapy.

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