New opportunities for LSU students in strength and conditioning training

Students of the Lithuanian Sport University (LSU) learn from the best coaches in Europe, and from now on there will be even more opportunities for students studying in the undergraduate programme in sports coaching in the specialisation of strength and conditioning.

The LSU will start collaboration with the Euroleague Strength & Conditioning Coaches’ Association – ESCCA to improve the training of these specialists.

One of the first joint activities was the seminar “Using Movement as the Basis for Designing Athletic Development Programs” organised at the LSU.

The seminar was led by the ESCCA co-founder Kostas Chatzichristos who is one of Europe’s leading experts in strength and conditioning training.

K. Chatzichristos has worked for a number of Euroleague clubs and is currently the director of performance at Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul, Turkey.

Founded three years ago, the Association brings together the best professionals working for Euroleague clubs. The ESCCA regularly organises different meetings, seminars and training sessions.

The cooperation with the ESCCA will help to enhance the study programme in sports coaching with specialisation in strength and conditioning that is at the moment the only programme of this kind in Lithuania and in Europe. In addition, not only the ESCCA coaches, but also the LSU teachers and researchers will be able to share their knowledge resulting from the newly established cooperation.

The ESCCA has already opened new opportunities for LSU students. Arūnas Aleksandravičius, a fourth-year LSU student in sport coaching, took part in a two-month internship under the Erasmus+ programme in one of the best basketball organisations in Europe, Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul.

We would like to remind that starting from December Šarūnas Jasikevičius was appointed as the head coach of Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul.