NBLEMA Partners Meeting

On January 22-26, the Nordplus Project Partner Meeting of the Nordic Baltic Learning Environments for Movement Affordances (NBLEMA) (NPHZ-2017/10130) was held in Helsinki. The aims, objectives and activities of the intensive programme involving students and teachers from partner countries were discussed.

It was decided to organize the last intensive project programme in Jyväskylä, Finland, as this country has one of the most innovative policies to promote physical activity among school-age children. Participants in the intensive programme will visit Valteri School Onerva, where training, rehabilitation, supported training and counselling to promote functional abilities form a cohesive whole with interdisciplinary knowledge applied. In addition, students will conduct research activities at other schools in Jyväskylä. The findings will be presented during the seminar.

The final product design of the project was also discussed. It was considered that one of the parts would be a scientific publication presenting the cases of schools selected by all partner countries, analysing the possibilities of using outdoor spaces (school yard) to promote physical activity. Recommendations will be developed based on the findings of the research and activities carried out during the project.

The meeting participants actively debated that a number of countries have already adopted a “No Cell Phones in the Classroom!” strategy to promote physical activity and active rather than virtual communication among students. A healthier and more active presence at school must be a concern for the whole school community: the administration, teachers, pupils themselves and their parents. It was discussed that the NBLEMA website could be an attractive platform providing material for policy makers and government representatives to implement the practical outcomes of the project.

The partners also discussed the possibilities for new Nordplus Horizontal Project 2020-2024 application, its main idea and activities.

Attention was also given to EDUCA 2020, the largest event in the Nordic education and training sector. The event presented with a slogan “Well-Being for Education, Work and Life” provides up-to-date information on changes in education.