LSU will work with partners to teach children to do sports safely

The Rector of Lithuanian Sports University Assoc. Dr. Diana Rėklaitiene and the President of the Lithuanian Judo Federation Vigmantas Sinkevičius concluded a trilateral agreement providing for cooperation with the European Judo Union, represented by President Sergey Soloveichik. The agreement provides for the exchange of knowledge in the area of sport science and practical knowledge for common goals.

Lolita Dudėnienė, a Judo teacher of Sports Coaching study programme at the Faculty of Sport Biomedicine, LSU, told about the international research project “Safe Fall – Safe School”, which is also joined by Lithuanian Sports University. The project aims to teach school-age children to fall properly and thus reduce the risk of injury.

“At first we wanted to teach physical education teachers in schools, but we realized that it is more meaningful to disseminate information to students of Lithuanian Sports University who will become teachers and coaches,” said the President of the Lithuanian Judo Federation Vigmantas Sinkevičius.

LSU Rector D. Rėklaitienė assured that the University is ready to assist the federations of all sports, including Judo. “We can only achieve good results through constant collaboration, experience sharing and analysis of what we can improve or change together,” said LSU Rector.