LSU study programs presented in an online exhibition

In February, Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) together with KTU, VDU, Vilnius Tech and universities of Latvia, Estonia and Hungary participated in an online exhibition, organized by the Turkish consulting company Nish Global Education, which is actively cooperating with universities in the Baltic states. LSU has been invited to the exhibition as a guest for the first time.

Irena Čikotienė, Head of the International Relations Office, and Vita Karvelytė, specialist of the Studies Division, had the opportunity to present Kaunas, the University, study programs delivered in English and LSU admission rules to Turkish students.

“The online exhibition attracted more than a thousand participants. During the exhibition, translation into Turkish was provided, so Turkish students and their parents could listen to the presentations, ask questions and interact with the presenters. It was a great opportunity to introduce our University and study programs offered, because, according to the organizers of the exhibition, there is a great interest in sports science in Turkey,” said I. Čikotienė, Head of the International Relations Office.

Nish Global Education Consulting Company represents a network of schools with about 750,000 Turkish students. The aim of the online exhibition was to give an opportunity to get to know universities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Information provided by the International Relations Office