LSU student U. Montvilas: „Study program Sports and Tourism Management helped me achieve my goals “

Can you imagine a football player who shares information and photos with football fans on social networks and other media as soon as the match finishes? Meet Ugnius Montvilas, a student at Lithuanian Sports University (LSU), who is studying in the Sports and Tourism Management study program, plays football in Kazlų Rūdos FK Šilas and is also the communications manager in the second strongest national football championship.

“The heads of the I Lyga were looking for a communications manager, and Regina Andriukaitienė recommended me for the position. During the first meeting, we discussed ideas and decided to give it a try. I am now responsible for managing the website and posting the news. I am also responsible for live broadcasts and communicate with clubs,” said U. Montvilas.

The opportunity for the 22-year-old footballer to take a high position in the administration of the I Lyga was not a coincidence. In the third year of his bachelor’s studies, U. Montvilas started an internship at the Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF), where he learned from some of the best sports management professionals in the country.

“I did my internship in the LFF Technical-Methodical Department for Children and Junior Football, where I worked with “Comet” electronic football information system,” the LSU student recalled. “I did the internship during the pandemic but managed to go to the main LFF headquarters and see what everything looked like there. As a player, I had been there before, but only when I started to work, I realized how fast jobs were done there.”

U. Montvilas, a student in the final year of the study program Sports and Tourism Management, said he had long known that he liked sports the most. Although he had a lot of experience as a football player, the LSU student lacked practical experience.

“I already knew in the tenth grade what I wanted to study. I wanted to link my activities to sport, but I did not plan on becoming a coach. I was always attracted to entrepreneurship, and the study program Sports and Tourism Management helped me achieve my goals. As a leader in the I Lyga communication, I use the knowledge I gain at university. The university provides an opportunity to look at the world more broadly, pushes to deepen the knowledge that is most needed,” said U. Montvilas.

U. Montvilas is already planning a future that features master’s studies and a further career as an athlete. “It is not easy to play football, work and study at the same time, but planning time properly makes everything possible. I am also thinking about a master’s degree studies, but first I have to get my bachelor’s degree. Well, I enjoy playing football the most,” said the LSU student.