LSU student Mafalda from Portugal shares some thoughts about studies, quarantine and favourite places in Kaunas

We invite you to read the opinion of LSU student from Portugal about studying at LSU, quarantine and favourite places in Kaunas.

„Hello, I am Mafalda from Portugal and I´m studying sports and wellbeing.

Despite this whole situation of the coronavirus, I think the program that LSU presented was very good, as a theoretical part, but for me especially, the practical part would be very good and a very complete experience.

So when the quarantine started I felt a bit sad because I could not be with the other Erasmus students and that was a huge change in my purpose here.

Despite that, I have trying to maintain my routine. I wake up early, listen the lectures, after that I use to do physical activity, like doing some exercises in the dorm or go running, with the necessary.

I loved Kaunas as soon as I arrived, it’s a peaceful place and has lots of green spaces which I love. Usually after school, I used to go to the university pool to try to improve my skills and then I went with my colleague to the park near the university or sometimes we went for a walk down to the river near the castle, where it is one of the most beautiful places in Kaunas in my opinion.“