LSU lecturers visit the University of Zagreb

Dr. Inga Lukonaitienė and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jūratė Stanislovaitienė, lecturers of the Training Science Department, visited the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Zagreb under the “Erasmus” mobility programme. Lecturers shared their knowledge with athletic training specialists on different exercise strategies and load monitoring. They also visited the research laboratory at the University of Zagreb for team sports research and the Athlete Diagnostic Centre, where Croatia’s top athletes, such as national football team captain Luka Modrić, are tested.

“I’m very grateful for the Erasmus programme, which gives me the opportunity to get new ideas and energy for my work when I return. The most impressive thing about the University of Zagreb was the vibrant building – lots of student buzz, contact lectures and intensive work in the research labs. And when I was teaching, I noticed that all the students still had notebooks and pens!” – Dr Inga Lukonaitienė shared her impressions.

Dominykas Bartusevičius, a first-year PhD student in Biology, also participated in the internship and discussed his thesis research with Luka Milanovic, professor at the University of Zagreb and athletic coach of the Croatian national football team, as well as received excellent scientific and practical advice.

The Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb, with its international and deep traditions in sports science, is a long-standing partner of LSU, which is gladly chosen by our students every year for exchange studies.

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