LSU has been given a significant international award “HR Excellence in Research”

Lithuanian Sports University is the first higher education institution in Lithuania and the Baltic states to be awarded “HR Excellence in Research” by the European Commission.

This important international recognition of the University demonstrates that LSU contributes to the implementation of the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers to provide researchers with a work-friendly environment.

“In order to get the right to use the logo of “HR Excellence in Research” on our University website, the LSU working group, which consisted of members of the academic community belonging to different levels of management, had to do a lot. First of all, it was necessary to write a self-evaluation report and to develop a Human Resource Strategy for researchers and scientists in accordance with the Charter and the Code. We presented the summary of the report in the Lithuanian and English languages to the European Commission and made it available on our University website. The Human Resources Strategy was assessed by two independent experts appointed by the European Commission. And finally, after a year and a half, we received the award “HR Excellence in Research,” said the Head of LSU Office of Personnel and Law Dr. Inga Staškevičiūtė-Butienė.

In two years’ time, LSU working group will have to write a self-evaluation report again and submit its results to the European Commission; the University activities will be assessed by external experts in four years.

The well-known and acknowledged logo of “HR Excellence in Research” is a sign for researchers and scientists looking for job opportunities. It helps to attract gifted scholars and researchers from around the world, demonstrating that the organization or institution supports the positive change in the work culture and the pursuit of transparent and clear recruitment procedures.

The list of organizations and institutions authorized to use the “HR Excellence in Research” logo is publicly available on the EURAXESS website (, which increases the visibility of a higher education institution.

Information provided by the Public Relations Office