LSU diplomas awarded to famous Lithuanian athletes

On June 18, bachelor’s and master’s degree diplomas of Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) were awarded to the graduates at Raudondvaris Manor. A lot of well-known Lithuanian athletes were among the ones to be conferred a degree. A swimmer, Paralympian, multiple European and world championship medallist Edgaras Matakas, members of the beach volleyball team Audrius Knašas and Patrikas Stankevičius, basketball player Rolandas Alijevas, boxer Vytautas Balsys and son of the legendary Lithuanian basketball coach Antanas Sireika, basketball player Arnoldas Sireika graduated from Lithuanian Sports University with a bachelor’s degree.

Master’s degree was conferred to former basketball player Rimantas Kaukėnas, basketball player Žygimantas Janavičius, yachtswoman, Olympian Viktorija Andrulytė, boxer Robertas Liorančas, basketball coaches Rolandas Radvila and Šarūnas Zablockis and Modestas Paulauskas, son of the legendary basketball player Modestas Paulauskas.

During the celebration, LSU graduates E. Matakas, V. Andrulytė, V. Balsys, A. Knašas, P. Stankevičius were honoured for their sporting achievements, as well as Paralympian LSU Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kęstutis Skučas, who had won two medals in the Para-athletics European Championships.

The graduates were congratulated by the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Diana Rėklaitienė, who emphasised the importance of the academic diploma in modern society.

“The bachelor’s degree is the beginning of a career and independent life. However, it should be remembered that a diploma is not only about a career, as the University provides the key to a wider global approach in addition to knowledge,” said D. Rėklaitienė. The LSU Rector was happy about student enthusiasm and involvement in academic activities.

“The University is not just a building,” D. Rėklaitienė continued. “The University is the people – teachers and staff, their experience and history. The University is a reflection of all them. I am proud of you and your choice to be a part of Lithuanian Sports University.”

LSU graduates were also congratulated by Linas Obcarskas, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania, Andrius Kupčinskas, Member of the Seimas, Andrius Palionis, Deputy Mayor of Kaunas, Paulius Visockas, Deputy Mayor of Kaunas District, Arūnas Kučikas, Chairman of LSU Council and others.

A total of 233 bachelor’s and 110 master’s degrees were conferred to students during the celebration. Lithuanian Sports University offers 7 bachelor’s and 10 master’s degree study programs.