LSU contributed to the most massive distance physical education lesson in the world

On April 22, the world teamed up for a distance physical education lesson organized by the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance and the V4SPORT Foundation. The aim of the global initiative was to draw public attention to the fact that it is not just in quarantine that the problem of lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle prevails around the world.

The event was broadcast on Facebook and reached more than 57,000 users from 45 countries around the world. In our country, this initiative was supported and promoted by the Physical Education and Sport Study Programme Committee of Lithuanian Sports University (LSU).

“We are very pleased that all LSU community, students, the Ministry of Health, Lithuanian Association of Physical Education Teachers, teachers, schoolchildren and even the elderly actively contributed to this world record. We hope that this lesson will encourage everyone to remain physically active, to take an interest in non-traditional forms of physical education, and to use information technology for people’s health, especially under quarantine conditions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when important sporting events were cancelled and physical activity became almost a luxury, virtual training sessions have become increasingly popular: many online platforms and social networks are offering a variety of exercises, free distance low- and high-intensity physical activities, dances, games, etc.

Together with current and future students of the Physical Education and Sport study programme, we are looking and will continue to look for innovative ways to apply information technologies to promote physical activity of Lithuanian students and society as a whole. Quarantine should not be an obstacle to exercise and move. After all, we know how physical activity benefits our health, and most importantly, physical activity makes people feel happier,” said Prof. Dr. Arūnas Emeljanovas.